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At Creative Spark, we focus on digital marketing. Why? Because digital marketing targets BUYERS—people who are actively searching for your products and services. That’s why digital marketing is a no-brainer. It gives businesses like yours the biggest bang for your buck. Seriously!

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Digital Strategy

What are your goals? How do you measure success? What's your plan? No willy-nilly here! Let's figure it out.


All marketing tactics should drive customers to your website. Make the trip worth their while. Knock their socks off!

Social Media

Which platform is right for your business? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Pinterest? [Insert latest craze here]? We tailor social media to your business goals.


Search engine optimization and search engine marketing — it's how people find you on the web. Without it, you're just a speck of sand lost in a URL desert. It's a lonely place to be.

Video Production

High-definition, articstically lit, acoustically precise video shot here. We make you look like a star! So, put away that cell phone camera.

Graphic Design and Copy

Well, of course, we provide graphic design and copy. It's part of making your digital marketing super amazing.

Why Creative Spark

Creative Powerhouse

Energy, focus, and ability! It’s all yours within the Creative Spark zone. Digital Marketing – Websites – SEO/SEM – Video – Social Media.

From Spark to ON FIRE!

We love our clients! We take pride in keeping them in the public eye. Sure, we’ll do one-and-dones, but we specialize in ongoing services—taking companies from spark to ON FIRE!

Driven by Data

Data-driven marketing is smart marketing. It’s powerful! Good data gives you the ability to accurately measure—and improve—many aspects of marketing. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Laser Focused on Digital

Computers to Tablets to Smart Phones to Watches…
Your customers are looking at these ALL DAY LONG! What better way to be in front of them than through digital marketing.

Our Creative Process: From Flicker to KA-BAM!


We LOVE the Discovery Phase! It’s like a Vulcan mind meld. Your business becomes our business. We become one as our team learns everything that’s important about you, your business, your industry, and your goals.


Design Time is Play Time! It’s when we open the box of your unique jigsaw puzzle and assemble the pieces that are a perfect fit for your business. Once we’ve finished the puzzle, we pull out the art supplies and get creative.


All play and no work gets absolutely nothing done. So, this is where we get to work: creating content, designing layouts, setting up accounts, developing code, shooting and editing videos, and more. If it’s digital, we do it.


KA-BAM! Your message hits the market. Customers rush to your door. Your business becomes wildly successful. You rule the world! (It could happen.)


Once the spark is struck, we continue to feed the fire, keeping your products and services top of mind with your customers.


A Smattering about Creative Spark

What happens when five creative talents commune under one roof? BRILLIANCE!

Creative Spark is the combination of five successful marketing agencies—communications, design, web development, video production, and social media. Everything you need for effective online marketing. As a team, we provide you with digital WOW!

The Gang of Sparklers

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You Can Count on Creative Spark

“… consistently works above and beyond on projects, ensuring that they are completed on schedule and within budget.”

Jenny W.

No Industry is Too Specialized

“… undertook special research into the more obtuse healthcare regulations, accounting principles, and our unique business circumstances in order to provide clarity …”

Lawrence H.
Tenet Healthcare Corporation

Getting Your Message Out so the Dollars Roll In

“… will grow you and your business beyond expectations.”

Dallas J., Ed.D.
Lead Differently

If Marketing is an Expense, You're Doing It Wrong

Measuring marketing success

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Many businesses balk at spending money on marketing because they view it as an expense. They see it only as dollars going out. They don’t measure it against what’s coming in. BIG MISTAKE!

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